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Time For A Spring Clean……….

“Spring clean….. (clean a home or room thoroughly)”

Over the last few weeks the weather has certainly picked up, which is great… but all of the sunshine has a way of showing all of the dust that may have been missed over the darker Winter months.

Spring clean is a tradition that allows us to freshen up our homes and make them really sparkling before Spring and Summer really begin. It sometimes can be a bit daunting so here’s a few tips:

Clean one room at a Time- this is the most effective way to deep clean, write a list so none of the areas that may have been neglected over the Winter months are missed.

Sort the clutter- A good time to get rid of things that haven’t been used in a while, sort them into boxes eg. bin, give to charity, sell. Ebay, Facebook always great to sell and you earn some extra cash. An uncluttered house will be a lot easier to clean.

Make a cleaning caddy- Great way to transport your cleaning materials around your home, you can pick up a couple of pounds. The supermarkets are full of all kinds of cleaners and you could end up with a dozen sprays and a handful of cloths but you’ll find a good all-purpose cleaner and a few microfibre cloths they can usually sort out most of the jobs, although I do like a specialist anti-grease spray in the kitchen to make cleaning around the cooking areas less of a battle.

Make new habits- Once the deep clean has been done think about how you can change your daily routine to include fifteen minutes slots a few times a week making it easier keep on top of those jobs and keep your home shining.

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