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The Joy of De-Cluttering!

Would you agree that a trip to the tip helps your head feel clear again? However neat and tidy we are, there is always ‘clutter’ collecting in a corner somewhere, and if we don’t keep tackling this it can become overwhelming.

This can have a negative effect on our wellbeing, adding anxiety and stress to our personal living space and can also have a detrimental effect on our homes as there is less room to breathe, causing potential damp issues.

So what is the answer – de-clutter! Be ready to be really honest with yourself and completely ruthless! Tackle one corner at a time, creating a pile for the charity shop, a pile for the dustbin and a very small pile to hang on to. Once that area is completed – remove the items from your home straightaway – get to the tip and free yourself of those goods and chattels you have been brave enough to part with! If there is something you haven’t used for over 12 months – it’s time to go!

There is a lovely saying by William Morris, artist and designer, ‘have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful’. Wow, if we could all stick to that what a transformation would occur.

Practical and clever storage solutions are always helpful to ensure the hidden spaces are used efficiently. Placing items in baskets that can easily be removed from a cupboard or shelf helps to keep things organised. Installing hooks for items that can be hung up saves space on floors and surfaces. Ensuring that you only have one spare of consumable items, rather than hoarding for an impending war, can also maximise storage space. Have drawers under the bed for out of season clothing, shoes or bed linen. Don’t overcrowd ornaments, so that each beautiful item can be appreciated. Keep wires and cables neatly hidden, labelled and tied to prevent the inevitable spaghetti mess.

Allow yourself the luxury of space to relax and breathe deeply in your own home. Have a favourite chair, cushion and throw where you can read your favourite books. Display the things that really mean something to you and allow the past to leave and become useful to someone else.

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