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Tenants Guide: Your Responsibilities

Whilst you are living in a rented property you have responsibilities as a tenant:

Pay the rent on time

- Rent is usually required in advance, an good idea to set up a Standing Order with your Bank

- If you fall behind with your rent , your landlord may take legal steps to evict you

Pay any other bills

- Your tenancy agreement should make it clear who is responsible for paying bills such as gas, electric, council tax and water

- You have the right to choose your energy suppliers eg. Gas and electric

Look after your property

- Reporting any repairs to your agent

- It is important to make sure that your property is well ventilated (to help avoid damp and condensation)

- Carrying out minor maintenance (checking smoke alarms, changing light bulbs)

- Disposing of all of your rubbish and keeping the property reasonably clean and tidy

Appliances Operation

- Make sure that you understand how to operate the boiler and any other appliances, that you know where the stopcock, fuse board and meters are located. If you are unsure check with your landlord or agent.

Regular Testing

- Test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms regularly - at least once a month

Report any repairs and allow access to contractors

- It is important that you report any repair issues to the landlord or letting agent so they can decide the best resolution. If they are not made aware they are unable to carry out necessary repairs

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