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Renting out your Property……What Every Landlord Should Know

Becoming a first time landlord can be a daunting thought, making sure that your house is ready to market. As well as all of the legal requirements you need to make sure that your property is appealing and will stand out from the competition. Take a step back and trying and see it from the viewer’s point of view, they need to visualise themselves living there.

Here are a few tips:

Clean, Clean, Clean- make sure that the property has a good clean throughout, taking special attention to the kitchen and bathroom as they are usually a major deciding factor. Maybe even consider employing a specialist cleaning company for that extra sparkle.

Neutral Tones- take a look at the decoration in the property, neutral colours are always great as it encourages the prospective tenants to imagine putting their own finishing touches- soft furnishings, accessories. In a Facebook poll we recently asked our followers what their favourite wall colours were- achieving top place was a resounding pale grey, with comments such as ‘it gives the property an immediate modern feel’. A fresh coat of paint can make a huge difference to any property.

Photo Ready- I always try and give the properties that I advertise a little personality, when you scroll down the endless photos of empty rooms give the future tenants a reason to stop and take a closer look at yours- a vase of flowers, fluffy towels.

Take a look at the properties on our website for further tips.

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