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Making Your Money Stretch………….

As prices continue to rise we all know that our everyday expenses have increased. By making some small changes and extra consideration you can make your money stretch further and fell less financially stressed.


It important to sit down every week or month and work out what money is coming in and then plan your spending.

Check your bank statements as you may be paying for things that you no longer need, eg magazine subscriptions.

There are many budgeting apps now available to help you track your spending.

Changing Habits

Are you the kind of person who grabs a coffee every time you’re passing? having a take away every Friday? A bit of planning you could take a coffee in a reusable mug, taking something out of the freezer for a quick, easy meal. This would save you money but also probably be healthier too. It’s not about making sacrifices, more so only buying what you need.

Household Bills

As we are all aware the bills will be higher than ever shortly so keeping an eye of what we are using could really help. Do you really need a bath every day? Why not switch to a shower instead.

If your journey is less than a mile, could you walk? You would save petrol and exercise too.

Did you know… Turning off appliances that are on standby can save you approx. £30 per year.

Family Days Out

With the Easter holidays quickly approaching we’ve all got to start planning how to occupy our little ones’ time without breaking the bank! If the weather is dry take an afternoon out, a walk in the countryside, playing a nearby park. Children love being outside and the fresh air usually wears them out. On a rainy day check out a local museum, a lot are free and offer hands on activities, keeping children amused.

For anyone feeling worried about finances there are lots of people who can help.

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