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Making Moving Easier......

Moving home is never something that we look forward to, so it's important to try and reduce the stress as much as possible. Being organised always helps. Try these tips:

1) Organise the move early

Give yourself as long as possible to get organised, ideally about 4 weeks. Write yourself a ticklist of all last minute things that need arranging in the last few days.

2) Stock up on packing materials

Have a clear out, donate all unwanted items. Visit local supermarkets who are usually happy to give you unwanted cardboard boxes. Collect packing materials such as old newspapers, bubble wrap, a couple of rolls of packing tape.

3) Packing tips

Start with the rooms that you use least, then items that you don’t use on a daily basis. It makes sense to pack items from one room together and use markers to label to make it easier at the other end easier.

4) Pick the right removal van

As soon as the date is confirmed book a removal van to move your larger furniture, try and get a larger van to reduce the number of trips

5) Pack a box of essentials

This will be the last box to be put in your car / van. It should contain all of your essentials:

- Kettle and mugs

- Snacks and tea bags

- Eating utensils

- First aid kit

- Toolbox

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