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Landlords: Duties when tenancy has started

As a Landlord you are responsible for the following duties once your tenant has moved into your property:

- Ensure that the supply of utilities -electricity, gas, water and heating are kept in good repair and in working order.

- Free from serious health and safety hazards- damp and mould, fire risks, electrical hazards, overcrowding.

- Maintain the structure and exterior of the property.

- Carry out repairs such as baths, sinks and other sanitary fittings. Electrical wiring, heating and hot water, gas appliances. If something is broken ask the tenant to report it to you or your agent (if fully managed). You do not have to pay for damage that the tenant has caused.

- Maintain any appliances ie oven, fridge that you have supplied for the tenant. Replacing if they cannot be repaired.

- Fit smoke alarms on every floor of the property and make sure that they are working at the start of the tenancy. Carbon monoxide alarms should be fitted in rooms with solid fuels such as coal and wood. (After move in the tenants should take responsibility to make sure that they are working and replace the batteries when required)

- If there are any gas appliances in the property they must be checked by a Gas Safe engineer before move in and annually thereafter.

Further guidance can be found :

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