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How To Make Your Rental House Feel Like Home

Making a rented property feel like home can sometimes be a little tricky as many landlords do not allow any permanent changes to be made to the property so it’s always best to check with them or the agent what you have in mind.

Paint- With the landlord’s approval paint can make a huge difference. Brightening the walls from the dull magnolia to a fresh white or a pale grey can immediately give the walls a more modern feel, giving the perfect blank canvas.

Pictures- If the landlord is reluctant to let you paint the walls, pictures or graphic posters can be the answer, readily available from home shops and art galleries and do not have to be expensive. Adhesive hooks can be bought to save you drilling holes in the walls.

Free-standing Furniture and Storage- Shelving units, dressers, and modular units are all great for storage, you can usually find a choice to fit in any size room. They also have the added benefit of been able to be taken with you if you decide to move home.

Lighting- choose statement lamps, large feature floor lamps to give mood lighting. Even changing a lampshade on a pendant can make a huge difference, quite decorative ones can now be bought from most DIY shops and home stores.

Wall Stickers- add personality to plain walls with stickers of characters or lines of text, they are ideal for children’s bedrooms and can easily be removed when you fancy a change without damaging the walls.

Rugs- Carpets, bare floorboards, tiles or laminate can be boring and sometimes look quite worn. Rugs come in a host of sizes, colours and patterns and can successfully hide a multiple of sins. They can be bought quite cheaply and can alter the whole look of a room.

At Broad Oak Lettings our landlords do try and be flexible in allowing decorative changes to make your property feel more homely but we do ask that you give us a quick call before starting any work as unauthorised changes may affect the return of your deposit.

Happy Home Making!

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