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Five Simple Healthy Swaps

With Summer looming it’s time to start thinking of ditching the winter layers and airing those T shirts. A scary thought when you realise those extra pounds you’ve gained over the Winter months.

Here are some easy swaps that you can make without really noticing:

1. Ditch those full fat lattes with sugar and flavoured syrup and choose a flat white with skimmed milk and a sweetener.

2. When buying meat go for the lean cuts, cut off all visible fat before cooking and remove skin from poultry.

3. Swap your cooking oils to a low calorie spray.

4. Instead of butter on your toast choose a low fat spread.

5. Still pouring full fat milk on your cereal? Change to semi-skimmed or skimmed milk or for something really tasty add a fat free yogurt.

By making these simple changes and adding a little exercise to your daily routine will certainly help make a difference and leave you feeling great!

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