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Family Safety Week 2022

March 30 – 2 April is a week long campaign from family safety charity RoSPA, it highlights simple steps to take to keep families safe from serious accidental injury.

Here are some simple steps that we can all take:

- Ensure there are working smoke alarms on each floor and invest in a monoxide detector to be put near the boiler and solid fuel fires.

- Use stairgates to avoid little ones gaining access to the stairs unsupervised.

- Slam guards on doors are great to prevent little fingers been trapped.

- Blind cords have had a risen in accidents over the years, ensure they are kept well out of reach of children.

- When cooking on the hob ensure pans are placed at the back to minimise the risk of them been pulled off and burning someone.

- Ensure heated accessories like straighteners, kettles, irons are kept out of reach.

- Always store chemical products out of the way, including laundry pods, which are becoming an increasing problem – however now a lot of companies have now put a child proof catch on there packaging to prevent little fingers getting in easily.

- Small batteries are easily swallowed by children, ensure that they are all put away and the back of the remote control is always secured.

- Ensure your property is secure such as back gates and front doors to prevent a child escaping out of curiosity.

There are many things in our homes that can cause injury and harm, not only to children but to adults too


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