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The Rented Garden

Are you renting? This does not mean that you can’t enjoy a beautiful outside space. It’s hard if you fall in love with the place but you only have a short time left on the lease. You feel that there’s no point spending an endless amount of money to brighten it up.

With a bit of thought and time a garden can be transformed into a colourful oasis without much outlay.

If you’re lucky to have a sunny garden, seeds are certainly the easiest transformation. Available cheaply from DIY shops, garden centres and even supermarkets a whole host of flowers including sweet peas, poppies, cornflowers and nasturtiums can be grown by just sprinkling the seeds in the area that you wish for them to flower.

If you garden is shady there are a lot of woodland plants that would be easy to grow and are readily available- Lady’s mantle, ferns even flowers like foxgloves would all do well

Then the best bit…… the finishing touches ……. A café table and chairs can fit in the smallest space, solar lights to extend the use of your garden into the evening.

Time to get outside and love your garden.

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