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Sustainable Living

……….understanding how our lifestyle choices impact the world


Love your leftovers - turn stale bread into breadcrumbs and add to pasta bakes

Plan ahead - make the most of seasonal gluts, blitz and freeze tomatoes in containers for all year passata

Shopping …….shop local

Minimise packaging – Look for loose fruit and vegetables, if it can’t be avoided then try and reuse or recycle

Clothes shopping – avoid trends and go for quality pieces, looked after they will last for years. Leather jackets, for example, look and feel better when they have been worn in!


Buy vintage furniture – Have a look in local charity shops and Facebook Marketplace for some interesting pieces, upcycle with paints and new handles for that bespoke piece

Create clean air - you can never have enough plants! Peace lilies and Boston Ferns thrive in high humidity so can reduce mould spores in the air. Mother-in-Law’s tongue gives off oxygen at night so makes it excellent in a bedroom.


Collect seeds from your garden to plant in the spring, take cutting and divide plants to stock up your borders.


Don’t be tempted to buy travel-size beauty products, instead buy a refillable travel bottle (Wilkos do them cheaply) or use any min bottles that you already have and decant from your favourite full size bottles.

The most sustainable thing is something that you already own Pebble

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