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Decluttering Your Home.... Where Do I Start?

Here we are in lockdown again, but this time with no warm, sunny days and spending time in the garden. Being indoors for a long time can be a bit overwhelming but it can also be a great opportunity to give your home that pre-Christmas declutter. It’s just knowing where to start….

- Set aside a period of time to make a start, it’s amazing how much you can do in 10 minutes

- Choose a small area, a drawer or a shelf of a cupboard, pull everything out and divide the contents into two piles – one to keep and the other to get rid of.

- Try not to be too sentimental just because you have owned the item for a long time, is it something that you really treasure?

- Paperwork in the home can cause chaos, things often get put in different places and then get lost. Create an inbox that everything- receipts, post, flyers go into and are sorted once a week

- Create a maybe box- if unsure whether to keep some items or throw away, put them into a box under the bed for say 6 months and put a note in your diary to check the box. Chances are that you haven’t needed those things and can then dump the whole box.

- Set yourself challenges, even throwing away one thing a day will make a huge difference

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